RV Multi-Color LED Under-Glow Light Kit

RV Multi-Color LED Under-Glow Light Kit


The Boogey Lights® LED UNDER-GLOW RV light kit is designed to attach to the bottom of an RV, trailer or camper. Our standard Under-Glow RV Light Kit includes TWO (2) LED light strips. Each LED strip is 16 feet long and can be cut if needed to fit your application . Width is 3/8" (10mm). Height is 1/8" (3mm). On full power it provides an incredible amount of light in a wide variety of colors you control either with the included RF wireless remote control and/or optional smartphone Bluetooth controller. (The above photos also show our optional AWNING kit affixed to the side of the RV shining underneath the awning.)


Required Selections

Wireless Remote Style: We offer two RF wireless remote control options from which to choose. The M7 style remote is the most popular because of it's large, easy-to-use and see buttons. The KEY FOB style remote is smaller and is key chain ready.

Bluetooth Smartphone Capable: In addition to the wireless remote control that's included in the base kit, you can also make your under-glow lights bluetooth capable. This allows you to control your under-glow lights with your bluetooth capable smartphone and our free APP (IOS or Android). More details about the bluetooth option can be found in the OPTIONS tab.

LED Controller Capacity: Our base LED Under-Glow controller is the SUPER Duty LED controller. It will power up to 900 LEDS or three single 16' LED strips. For most, this is all that's needed. We however do offer the option to increase that capacity to 1800 LEDs using our HEAVY DUTY LED controller (6 - 16' LED strips). In this scenario the customer is typically adding more LED strips to the installation (e.g. full perimeter lighting or additional under-slide lighting). Both of these controllers operate on one zone meaning all LED strips attached to the LED controller will do the same thing. We offer a DUAL ZONE controller which is capable of powering up to 3,000 LEDs, with 1500 LEDs capacity on each zone. Each Lighting Zone can be controlled and programmed individually or together. More information about this controller option can be found on the OPTIONS tab.

PCB Color: Select BLACK or WHITE PCB. The default selection is BLACK.

Antenna Style: The default antenna selection is permanently attached to the LED controller. It cannot be moved or extended. We offer an Extended Range antenna option which is available on some of our LED controller configurations. More details on this option can be found on the OPTIONS tab.

Optional Add-Ons:

Add Power Converter: Boogey Lights LED lighting systems are native 12vdc systems. As long as you have 12vdc power available, that's all you need. Some folks however prefer to use 120vac because it might be more easily accessible in their RV. If so, we offer the option to purchase one or two 10AMP AC to DC power converters.

Add Long Range M7 Remote: The long range M7 remote will at least double the transmission distance of the standard M7 wireless remote. You can add this long range M7 remote. Only works if you select the M7 wireless Remote Style.

Add Extra 3M Adhesion Primer: All of our lighting kits come with 3M adhesion primer sufficient to do the installation. Some folks however prefer to order extra; just in case.


Boogey Lights® RF Controller (included with our Standard Kit) displays seven colors:


The lighting effects options for our Standard LED UNDER-GLOW Kit include:


Note: The M7 RF remote control offers SEVEN levels lighting effects (e.g. 7 levels of dimming) whereas the KEYFOB RF remote control offers FOUR levels.

- M7 Remote control uses one CR2025 3v alkaline battery (included with remote). This is the standard remote included with the M7 controller.  Depending upon where the controller is mounted in your RV, it will provide 10-50 feet of control. The amount of metal that surrounds the installation location impacts the distance of the radio signal.   
- KEY FOB Remote uses one MN27 12v alkaline battery (included with remote)
- Optional M7 Long Range Remote uses one A27 12v alkaline battery (included with remote).  This optional M7 Long Range remote will at least double the distance of the standard M7 3v remote. 

FYI: The above photos show our optional AWNING LED kit which is affixed to the side of the RV under the awning. If you add the optional awning LED kit you can choose to run the awning light on the same controller as the UNDER-GLOW lights OR you can use a separate controller just for the awning LEDs. We prefer to use a separate controller for the awning lights because it gives us more control over the lighting configuration. There are some camping situations where you may not want the UNDER-GLOW lights to be on (or not as bright, or the same color) as what the awning lights are set on. Having the two systems on two different controllers gives you some additional flexibility in this regard. Personal preference only.